I've worked with Louis for twenty years now, first as simply a bass player, and latterly also as pianist, arranger, and co-producer on several of his more recent albums. This ex-chef (except when he's in his own kitchen) and ex-philosopher (except when he's in a bar) grew up in Normandy, studied in Paris, where he formed his first band, and has been living in London for the last seventeen years.

He first achieved significant public awareness in the mid-eighties as singer, guitarist, and songwriter-in-chief for Mike Alway's Arcadian-bohemian label Úl records. Since then he has established himself at the conossieur end of pop, especially in Japan, where his albums are released by Polystar on the Trattoria label. (The Louis Philippe website Sunshine has details of distribution and licensing elsewhere.) Live performances are rare but we do give a few gigs each year as an acoustic duo or trio.

What does the music sound like? A typical Louis Philippe album might mix influences from vintage pop, French chanson, Ravel, bossa nova, Duke Ellington, or The Beach Boys. Classical instruments and intricate backing vocals often feature in the arrangements.