You can hear my work on the following albums. Parentheses around the year indicate not yet released; an asterisk in the "My Involvement" column indicates that in that particular role I contributed to only a few tracks. You won't, unfortunately, find some of these in your local store: click on the question marks for help locating them.
Artist Title Year Label My Involvement Help
Laïla Amezian Initial 1997 Pretty Inside basses; arranger*  
Big Baffle et al Golden Apples Of The Sun 1988 Bonjour Records double bass*  
Big Big Train Far Skies Deep Time 2010 English Electric Recordings double bass* ?
Big Big Train English Electric Part 1 2012 English Electric Recordings piano; keyboards*; double bass* ?
Big Big Train English Electric Part 2 (2013) English Electric Recordings piano; keyboards*; double bass* ?
Cathal Coughlan Grand Necropolitan 1996 Kitchenware/Vital double bass* ?
Cathal Coughlan Black River Falls 2000 Cooking Vinyl double bass* ?
Cathal Coughlan The Sky's Awful Blue 2002 Beneath double bass ?
Cathal Coughlan Foburg 2006 Beneath double bass; electric bass* ?
Cathal Coughlan Rancho Tetrahedron 2010 Kitchenware double bass; electric bass* ?
Sandy Dillon Skating 1996 Bonjour Records double bass*  
Sandy Dillon Electric Chair 1999 One Little Indian double bass ?
Sandy Dillon East Overshoe 2001 One Little Indian double bass ?
Feeder Pushing The Senses 2005 Echo double bass (string section)*  
George Hadjineophytou Marginal Land 1996 Bonjour Records double bass  
HaLo Yellow 2001 Toera double bass*  
The Happy End Turn Things Upside Down 1990 Cooking Vinyl double bass; arranger;
Louise Le May Tell Me One Thing That Is New 2009 Folkwit piano*; keyboards*; double bass*; arranger* ?
Louise Le May The Garden Session EP 2010 Folkwit piano ?
Moloko Statues 2003 Echo double bass (string section)*  
Muse Absolution 2003 East West double bass (string section)*  
Louis Philippe Ivory Tower 1988 él records basses ?
Louis Philippe Yuri Gagarin 1989 él records basses; arranger* ?
Louis Philippe Jean Renoir 1992 Trattoria double bass*; arranger* ?
Louis Philippe Delta Kiss 1993 Trattoria basses; keyboards;
drum programming;
arranger; co-producer
Louis Philippe Sunshine 1994 Trattoria double bass*; arranger* ?
Louis Philippe Jackie Girl 1996 Trattoria basses; keyboards; arranger; co-producer ?
Louis Philippe Nusch 1998 L'Appareil Photo piano ?
Louis Philippe Azure 1999 Les Belles Promesses basses; keyboards; arranger; co-producer ?
Jonathan Coe
Louis Philippe
Danny Manners
9th & 13th 2002 Tricatel piano; basses*;
arranger*; composer*
Louis Philippe My Favourite Part Of You 2003 XIII Bis piano; arranger* ?
Louis Philippe The Wonder Of It All 2004 Wonder basses; keyboards ?
Louis Philippe An Unknown Spring 2007 Wonder double bass* ?
Louis Philippe Live 2007 Wonder double bass; piano; keyboards ?
The Ocean Tango The Ocean Tango 2010 Wonder double bass*; piano* ?