5th October 2010

Louis Philippe, Stuart Moxham, Sean O'Hagan and Louise Le May will be performing at The Luminaire, Kilburn, London, on 12th November. Louis and Louise will be performing duets sets accompanied by myself on piano; Stuart and Sean will be playing solo. Advance tickets are available.

Cathal Coughlan and The Grand Necropolitan Quintet (myself on bass) will be playing at The Water Rats, King's Cross, London, on 18th November. Info

The Ocean Tango, the collaboration between Louis Philippe and Testbild! is now available.


12th August 2010

I'll be playing a short voice-and-piano set with Louis Philippe at Heaven, London, on September 1st, supporting Stars.

Cathal Coughlan's new album, Rancho Tetrahedron, has been released on Kitchenware Records. Cathal and The Grand Necropolitan Quintet (myself on bass) will be playing gigs at Bush Hall, London on September 7th, and Whelans, Dublin on September 11th.


18th October 2009

Louise Le May's debut EP, Tell Me Something That Is New, produced by Louise Philippe and Ken Brake, is now available on CD or to download. I contributed piano, bass, and a bit of arranging. Wonderful singer, wonderful songs.

Currently involved in a couple of recording projects: one is for Amor de Dias, a duet of Alasdair Maclean of The Clientele and Lupe of Pipas, the other is a collaboration between Louis Philippe and Testbild! (For those unfamiliar with these wonderful Swedish prog-poppers, the exclamation mark is part of the band name, not over-excitability on my part.) Expect some gorgeous sounds from both albums.

At the beginning of the year, I laid down some bass tracks for Cathal Coughlan's next album. No album title or release date yet, but, as always, worth waiting for.


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